Things To Know About Murcia Spain Before Moving There

Murcia is a city located in southeastern Spain and is quite popular because of various reasons. If you are planning on relocating to Spain with the help of a relocation expert, you can suggest this location as it will be perfect for enjoying a great environment and healthy lifestyle. We have listed down a few things that you should know before you move to Murcia Spain.




When it comes to climatic conditions, you will notice that Murcia has a warm climate during summers, which are quite dry and winters are mild. But the temperatures can rise in the summer months. So, you should be ready to face the heat.


As Spanish is the official language of Murcia, you should get a basic understanding of the language before you decide to move. Many locals can easily speak English but it is always great to communicate with them in their languageas you will be starting your new life there. So, knowing this language would help you make friends quickly.


Several historical and architectural landmarks in Murcia are many centuries old. The arts and music scene are also great in the city and several festivals and events take place in the city all year round.


You will get a mix of Mediterranean and Murcian influences in the dishes available in the area. You can find dishes like Paella, Tapas, and much more. You can also find various fresh fruits like oranges and pomegranates in the city.


The public transportation system in Murcia is top-notch and there are buses and trams connecting different areas efficiently. It is also easy to travel by bike as cycle lanes are present at almost all locations.


There are several universities and educational institutions in most places of Spain, like Murcia, Altea Spain, and much more as they prioritize education a lot.

Cost of living:

When you compare the cost of living in Murcia with the other major cities of Spain, like Madrid and Barcelona, the cost will always be lower. It will be much more affordable to get an apartment on rent as the rates are quite reasonable.

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